Guess wat?? I dunt have much time!! *giggles*

Well it’s true i been so very busy i wonder how long can i last before driving nuts (maybe I already am?)

I really hope for my sake that things will get smooth soon, and I’ll have more time for me and my friends!!

Ok so just a few words now, You know Wolfie dunt u?? Check out his blog^^  (wolffie)

As u know i met him not long ago in a kinda *blush* weird way, but since then we got really close and knowing him better i found out he’s… well i won’t tell u^^ Luv u wolfie!! (and thanx shakes)

I also met his lil bro, Tak is a cute wolf boy, and he already set up his room in our house (yes our, wolfie and I live together now^^) a really cute room!

So now many changes are gonna happen in my life, and i’m really happy^^

Ok I’m really sorry but im fallin asleep on keyboard and if it wasnt cuz i’d be in some big troubles if i wasn’t writing at least these few silly words.. see luv?? I did my work 😛

When times will be easyer for me i’ll write more, now i need to sleep and shut my lil brain for a few hours..



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Mixed feelings

Hiyas, I dun’t have much time now so gotta be quick as i’m already in troubles..

Yesterday was a weird day, lotsa things happened, and now i kinda have mixed feelings abt that.

I met Wolf ^^ He’s kewl and uhmmm cute!! (and pretty strong.. you wouldn’t say lookin at him but… believe me!!!)

I have been kinda bad yesterday.. answered bad to my master and he got kinda angry.. I can still feel the consequences of that on my lower back.. and i couldn’t sit all day! (thanx to wolfie!! :P)

Well.. wasn’t so nice at a certain point… damn that HURT!! STINGS!! besides the embarrassement and all.. I thought i couldnt handle it, Wolf’s hand didn’t go easy at all, I can easily say I never had such a spanking before in my life..

Even if i didn’t like it AT ALL, cuz it really was… painful!.. after that i had some nice moments and Wolf’s sweet^^ Besides… i deserved it for what I did, and Wolf “had” to do that (i can see his grin, cuz even if he HAD to he kinda enjoyed that a lot!!) 😛

Ok my time’s getting over.. and sadly… I’m in trouble.. i thought i didn’t do anything bad, but someone dunt think so.

I dunno what will happen in a few minutes when I’ll close this page and will log back on SL, but for some reason I think i won’t like it much at all… and I really hope it won’t be something bad cuz if u saw me now… you’d know I couldn’t handle another uhm… well u know -.-

Wish me good luck! and hope to see u soon if i’ll survive to tomorrow -.-

And I’m sorry master I was gonna write before going to sleep :\ didn’t want to disappoint u… i hate to disappoint u.

Byes all…


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Assignment -.-

Hiyas! ^^

Okies I’m here again cuz I have to do my homeworks….

Two things that would make a better master, uhmmm

That’s not easy, I mean, master is master, he can do whatever he wants.. yes maybe he should be less concerned and insecure when he surely has his ideas clear in his mind abt his whishes. Another thing might be.. teaching me sumthing new, I dunno.. showing me more what all of that is about^^

Two things that would make him happy?

This is hard how am I supposed to know?? Maybe i could be less complaining and be more present and available (yup im a busy bee^^). And… hmmm.. prove him that I’m ready for anything he wishes to make him proud of me.

And last but not least: some of the things I wish to find in my perfecr dream bf/partner/owner

He should be a leader, strong, who knows what he wants, and knows how to obtain it one way or another. A funny friendly loving one, who will love cuddles, friends, hangin out, having fun. Someone older than me, taller than me, who can be strict when needed, caring, protective, who will make me feel safe and owned and loved. Who will make me feel important, and will never show too much weakness, a reference point in my life that i can follow blindly with total trust knowing i’ll be always safe and loved. Who will leave me my freedom and will take his own freedom, but will be ready to take control over it if it gets the wrong way.. a guide, a teacher, a lover, someone i will so love and just wish to give all myself to, my heart my soul and my body. Someone who won’t end up living into a room just the two of us, but who will love to meet friends, take me with him when he can, be proud of having me by his side and not shy to show his love and power he has on me ^^ Someone I will fill with all my love.. and I will often look at with this silly dreamy smiley gaze 🙂 And enjoy the face of others who will be jealous cuz I’m so lucky to be his 😛

uhm ok i dunno I’m not easy to deal with, i can change mood quickly and its hard to guess how i’m feeling. Besides i dunt easily talk abt my feelings, so he should be able to read my heart sometimes without asking too many questions ^^

Okies enuff for now i hate homeworks!!!!



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Brothers Cousine Class

Hiyas again^^

as usual I dunt have much time so I’m in a hurry..

Just wanna say something abt Danny, one of my brothers.

Well maybe u know him, btw he’s a kewl bro^^ and we got a lot in common!

And there are things and moments on SL that can get broters kinda close… stillll it can feel weird or embarrassing or i dunno.. just a mix of feelings when something like wat happened yesterday relaly happens *blush*

And those are things that make brothers even closer to each other… Did you like the whipped cream i prepared for you yesterday bro?? I hope u did.. not that we have many choices when someone wanna make us fat pigs makin us stuffed with whipped cream!! ^^

Yep one of the things my bro and I have in common is Shakes. Well not in the same way of course, Shakes and Danny are bfs!! Well we share Him for some reasons.. he takes care of me^^ protects me.. teaches me.. and well.. yep, Shakes leads me into this world full of dangers 😛 So I listen to him, I learn from him, I follow his rules and so on. Uhm and well yesterday was fun^^ was a while since I last made some whipped cream and was usually by my hand, while yesterday my bro helped me^^ That made 2 brothers closer, with the supervision of an expert leader 😛 .. and well with a guest too, I think Rus wanted to follow the “Shakes’ cousine class”, or most likely Shakes wanted Rus to follow the class^^ Well whatever:P

Surely i learnt sumthing.. how to swing my hand holding a big heavy wooden “spoon” with Rus as “assistant” and then making some yummy whipped cream with my brother’s help. Maybe sumday we’ll get a Master degree in coucine bro?? *giggles at the “Master” word and smiles as Shakes image appears in his mind*

Luv u bro!!!

Luv u Shakes!!

Now I gotta run before sumone else wanna start learning to swing a BIG wooden spoon and me being his assistant…



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First post… OMG I dunno wat to write^^

Ok, let’s start this..

You really wanna know abt me??? Naw nothing so interesting ^^

And I don’t have much time now, so…!!!

Btw I will prolly start to write here sumtimes, it’s been over 1 year I’m on SL and lately many things happened and first of my many dreams came true^^ Yep I’m a dreamer:P

That dream is called Kikai Shima (Mysterious Islands) and that’s simply Heaven!! 😀

I will tell abt that and much more someday, now to say the truth.. I shouldn’t be here, and if I’m here is cuz i had to.. Yep I HAD TO cuz a nice guy i know on SL wanted me to write a first post here.

I’m lazy and I hate writing 😛 I wish ppl could know wat I’m thinking without me having to talk.. you know how hard is opening and closing mouth to spell words?? I dunno if I can do that!! ^^

ANDDDD.. I really souldn’t be here so I better go and pretty fast:P

See yas soon

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